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FB IMG 1547992856888
by Cia. Acroshibari
Acrobatics + Shibari

by Cia. AcroShibari

Acrobatics+ Shibari

This show is a creation and a mix between two big worlds: acrobatics and shibari. Acrobatics has always been very gymnastic or from classical circus, and shibari (a japanese art coming from erotica, which consists in tiying people with ropes) reserved to those who dare to meet this world in dark clubs. We are bringing to life these two worlds together to approach the public to these unknown scenes, to brighten up the shibari and to give a meaning to acrobatics.

A man and a woman and an empty space. A relationship emerging while the viewer is submerged in a trance that will stir their most carnal emotions from passion to love and innocent play. A journey through the mysterious universe of relationships that bind us, knot us, hold us until they strip our skin and untie the threads that tie us.

AcroShibari is an innovation, coming from the idea to make art with these subjects.
This is the first show where the public can see a complete secuence of Acroshibari with live music

Cia. AcroShibari: Silvio Fernandez (base and rigger), Jowy (flyer) and Marina Tomas (live music).

  • Target: All audiences
  • Lenght: 25 min
  • Music: Live Music by Marina Tomás Amado
  • Technical Requirements: At least 2m height and surface of 2m2 for dancing.