Splinter Rough
Aerial Hammock

Splinter Rough

Aerial Hammock (+ Live music show with Stiff Cats)

All audiences / Nightlife

This show combines the magic of an air show with the intensity of a live concert. Originally the show is based on the interpretation of the song Splinter Rough, from the band Stiff Cats. Following their collaboration they have performed several times together with the full band or only with their singer and guitarist in a more intimate solo version.

The song is about betrayal and jealousy, a proposal intensively staged in the Aerial Hammock, an air element rarely seen that reflects the sensuality and passion of the artist who moves to the beat of live music.

  • Target: Suitable for all Audiences / Nightlife
  • Lenght: 6 min
  • Music: Stiff Cats - Splinter Rough
  • Technical Requirements: At least 3m height and surface of 2m2 for dancing