Aerial Fetish
Net performance

Aerial Fetish

Net Performance


This performance will make you feel the adrenaline of an aerial show and the eroticism and sensuality of a fetishist character at the same time. You will meet the gentle and aggressive kitten, who wants to be hunted but wants also to hunt you.

The heels are a very known fetish element used in the whole performance as an important part for the development, playing with foot fetish, animalism, latex, and everything that the public fantasizes...

The show starts with dancing and getting in contact with the public, attracting them to an erotic atmosphere, till going up to the net which is used as a pole dance bar. The climax and surprise for the audience comes when this vertical element is converted into a hammock (connecting the end of the net to the same point) and following the performance playing with this change of planes till the end of the performance.

A show that has no waste!

  • Target:Adults / Nightlife
  • Lenght: 10 min
  • Music: Remix Muslimgauze – Sari of Aciddic Colours
  • Technical requirements: minimum 2.5 meters high. 2m2 surface for dancing. Sound equipment. Dim lighting on air element.