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Welcome to!

As you can see, I'm a multifaced person. Aerial artist, model, teacher and more...
I've been into the Circus and Dance since 2007. I'm also a yoga practitioner and I love to put together all the fields I work with.

I have been investigating about emotional expressions and body language to go deeper in my creations.

I 'm a visual artist who combines movement with eroticism. Jowy is my alter ego , my artistic personality , a game of duality and bipolarity , a break with the typical preconcepted gender . My stage work uses the public eye as a focus , using the viewer to actively participate in the performance .

I work with object manipulation , dance and acrobatics ; with aerial acrobatics ( trapeze , fabric , red , chains, belts ... ) , and partner acrobatics .

In recent years my work is focused on the fusion of eroticism , fetish and burlesque with a quality of movement and own style.

My work has been seen in France , England, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Argentina and Spain (Madrid , Zaragoza, Tarragona , Valencia, Barcelona and Ibiza , among others).

These years I have been working as a circus teacher in our own project of a circus school in Barcelona, you can take workshopw with me there in Atlantis.

While I grow as an artist, I found out that I love modelling and playing infront of a camera, so I begin my career as a model in a professional way, specially in erotica, but I'm sure I can cover every style. I'm a very versatile person so I'm open to try new things collaborating with the photographer.

As you can see in my website, I made a fusion between the things I love most: erotism and aerials, you can see my last shows as a result of that. 

The last years I've been wqrking for the Erika Lust's project, Xconfessions about erotic and feminist movies for adults.
Check out my Xconfessions profileIf you want to book or raise any issue about photo shooting, a performance, a show and/or a workshop, please fill in the form. If you have any other ideas about how I can help you or how we can collaborate together, I will be happy to listen to it and I will reply as soon as posible!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!